Class Description

Minimum Age: 16 years Student birthday must be prior to 21 March, 2003

Tennessee Traffic Safety Course

This course is designed to introduce and reinforce safe and defensive driving techniques. The goal of this course is to teach driving behaviors that will decrease preventable accidents and increase safety for all roadway users.

You will want to check with a judge to see if they will allow for you to have your entire traffic citation dismissed and the points not put on your record. When contacting the court please be sure to have all the information from your citation with you and make sure to note whether or not the court has required you to complete the course within a certain time limit.

The objective of this course is to reduce traffic accidents, fatalities and serious injuries by modifying driver behavior through education on responsible driver conduct using key driving strategies.

Visual aids, including charts, photographs, illustrations, and videos, will be used throughout the course to reinforce the material.

Each module will conclude with a module exam, which will cover material from each topic in the module. There will be a 40 question final exam which will draw from all of the available questions.



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Module 1: Common Sense and Driving
Module 2: Defensive Driving and Awareness
Module 3: Established Speed and Traffic Laws
Module 4: Vehicle Maneuvers
Module 5: Intersections
Module 6: Demands of Driving in Different Environments
Module 7: Hazardous Conditions
Module 8: The Effect of Alcohol and Drugs on Driving
Module 9: Traffic Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings

Tennessee Traffic Safety Exam

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