Class Description

Minimum Age: 15 years / 5 months Student birthday must be prior to 20 May, 2003

Max Age: 18 years Student birthday must be after 20 October, 2000

Thank you for your interest in our Ohio Online Driver Education course! Our program is like no other. We have created a fun and unique program to take the dull out of Driver Education! Throughout our course we use videos, pictures, graphs, quizzes, and exams to keep students engaged so they absorb the important information.

There are many provider for driver's education, but All Star Driver Education is no stranger to Driver Education. Our family owned and operated business has been offering the fun and innovative programs that we are known for, for over 15 years! This class fulfills the state of Ohio's requirement for 24 hours of classroom instruction for driver's education. We are excited to bring this new opportunity to your home in such a comfortable and affordable way! All for Only $49!


How to Get Started

Before your students account can be "unlocked", we do require a copy of the Ohio Online Contract (Note: The contract requires both a parent and student email address to be completed online. Please allow 1 business day for the contract to be returned to the parent for signing) , and also Parent Verification. The Parent Verification can be completed online, or we have a form that you can fill out and get notarized. To complete the contract and verification online, login and choose 'classes'. Both options will show.  If you are unable to pass the online verification you will need to submit a Parent Verification form; which must be legally notarized.

Once you have completed your parent verification (*if you were unable to pass the online verification), please email them to us at online@allstarde.com, or you can fax them to us at (734)665-7680.


Why choose All Star's online program?
Our company knows Ohio! We've been working with Ohio schools and organizations for over 5 years to provide driver's education to Ohio residents. All Star can provide your student with all the driver's education they'll need; we have instructors across the state ready to provide classroom instruction or behind-the-wheel lessons! Our online class provides detailed lessons for students to learn driver's education on their own. Also, students and parents can message our technical support team or a certified instructor for assistance 24/7! Students with busy school and extra curricular schedules don't need to worry about finding time to go to a driver's education class anymore, they can take the course whenever and wherever they have time at home! All Star's online class makes driver's education affordable and stress-free!

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Module 1: The System and You
Module 2: Vehicle Familiarization
Module 3: Basic Control Tasks
Module 4: Traffic Control Devices and Laws
Module 5: Perception and Driving Strategies
Module 6: Natural Laws Affecting Vehicle and Operator Performance
Module 7: Handling Vehicle/Driver Emergencies
Module 8: Conditions, State of Mind and Taking Care of a Vehicle
Module 9: Alcohol, Drugs, Distractions and Organ Donation

Ohio Teen Driver Education Exam

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