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Who Is Eligibile?

This 8-Hour course will help drivers with limited traffic violations reduce the points on their driving record. In order to be eligible for the Missouri Defensive Driving class, students must have a valid license, and the citation must have been issued before enrolling in this course. There will be no "holding" points on your driving record for the future. For some more detailed information about your citation and/or court information, feel free to search hereIt is ultimately up to the driver's responsibility to make sure our course will be sufficient for any kinds of point-reductions, so always make sure to double check with the court who issued the citation. 


How to Get Registered

Make sure to get registered today for our special limited-time price of $19.99! Getting signed up for our online class is as easy as clicking "Register Now". Our system will take you through a series of pages to complete your full registration and take payment for the course. Please make sure to have all of your citation & court information with you when you begin registration because our system will not allow you move on without the following:

  • License Number
  • Citation Number
  • Court Name
  • Court Originator Number
  • Court Case Number
  • Conviction Date


Once you have completed your course and passed your Final Exam, we will issue a Form 4444, which will be sufficient for the courts. You will be required to get it to the DOR within 15 days of completing the course. You will receive more detailed information about the Form 4444 once you sign up for the course, but if you have any questions, please feel free to call our office. 


**NOTE: Although our curriculum has been fully approved by the state of Missouri, please be aware that NOT ALL of the courts will accept a defensive driving program to help reduce the points on your driving record. Please make sure to check with the court who issued you the citation to confirm that our program will be accepted. There will be no refunds once the course has been completed.**



Please call our office during regular business hours at (800)967-7719 and we would be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We can also be reached via email at in the case that you reach us outside of regular hours. If you leave us a voicemail or email, we will make sure to get back with you by the end of the next following business day. Thank you again for your consideration and we hope you can get signed up soon! 

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Module 1: Basic Safe Driving Skills
Module 2: Defensive Driving Skills
Module 3: Traffic Controls and Driving Laws
Module 4: Right of Way Concepts
Module 5: Driving Manuevers
Module 6: Physical Factors that can Affect Driving
Module 7: Sharing the Roadway
Module 8: State of Mind
Module 9: Distractions
Module 10: Alcohol and Drugs
Module 11: Different Driving Environments

Missouri Defensive Driving Exam

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