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Class Description

Minimum Age: 15 years Student birthday must be prior to 25 June, 2004

Max Age: 17 years / 12 months Student birthday must be after 25 June, 2001

Parent Taught Driver Education Package


Oklahoma Affidavit HERE

Course Information

Our course is approved by the State of Oklahoma and satisfies the requirements for driver education. After you register with us and pay in full, we will send the necessary materials to complete the course, to your home. Once you receive the materials, complete the course at your own pace.  All you have to do is return the completed packet to our office and we will mail you an official completion certificate!


Course Materials

  • Textbook - At All Star Driver Education, we have invested a great deal of time in creating our very own interactive textbook. We don’t bore students with statistics and graphs like some of our competitors do (even though we feel they are very important to understand and comprehend); we use real life stories and language that appeals to teenagers. Each chapter in our textbook not only includes the normal information which all textbooks contain, but a chapter review as well as a game or activity at the end of each chapter designed to help you learn while having fun!!!
  • Captain Driver Ed and his Normal Son DVD - As with our textbook, we have truly separated ourselves from the competition with our fun and enjoyable Captain Driver’s Ed and His Normal Son DVD series. Our DVD’s follow Captain Driver Education and His Normal Son as they teach the fundamentals of operating a motor vehicle, as well as what it takes to become a great defensive driver. We are able to blend in humor to help students retain information that they would normally forget with a boring and dull driver education program.
  • All Star Driver Education Games – We can’t think of a better way to learn the rules of the road than to have fun while doing it by playing some of our proprietary driver education games and activities, which we have created solely for you! In your Parent Taught package, you will receive the necessary game pieces and directions for each of games. All you need to do is follow our easy to read lesson plans to see how and when within the program to play each specific game. You may find yourself having so much fun that you replay some of the games two or three times! Some of the games are so much fun that you might even be able to get your friends, siblings, or even parents to play along with you!
  • Lesson Plans - As parent/teacher to your student, you will find our lesson plans laid out in a straightforward and easy to teach method. Everything is simply presented so you will know exactly how much time should be allotted to each activity. Also included with our driver education in a package program will be all of the answers to our chapter tests and various games and activities, so you’re never left guessing on an answer.

Once you have completed all necessary coursework, you will find a Return Contract containing a list of items you must return to obtain your certificate. You won’t receive a certificate if we do not receive all of the materials. Students who receive a 70% on their final exam and returned all of the required materials will receive a Certificate of Completion! If you don’t pass the exam the first time, don’t worry as you can take it again free of charge!


Return all materials to:
All Star Driver Education, Inc.
75 Aprill Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


To begin, click HERE to download the parent taught packet and regulations. You will need to submit this form to the DPS and receive approval prior to taking the course.

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