Class Description

Minimum Age: 15 years Student birthday must be prior to 20 February, 2004

Max Age: 17 years / 11 months Student birthday must be after 20 March, 2001

This Indiana Teen Online Driver Education Course fulfills the state of Indiana's BMV's requirement for 30 hours of classroom instruction for teen driver's education.


  • 30 Hours of State Required Online Classroom--our 100% state certified curriculum will provide your students with the keys to SAFE driving for life right from the comfort of your own home. Students are allowed to work on their course up to 3 hours per day, and will learn all the fundamentals of safe driving. Our uniquely designed course will include engaging & interactive pictures, graphs, videos, and quizzes to ensure your student is absorbing the rules of the road. 
  • State Approved Certificate(s)--our program will provide your students with the two necessary certificates in order to apply for their Learner's License, and continue with their journey to getting their license. These state certified certificates will be sent to you via email once the necessary components have been completed within one week. If you ever have any questions about your students' certificate(s), you are always welcome to call our office for more information!


How to Get Started

1. Click on the Register Now button and complete the form. You will be taken to the payment screen to process. 

2. Log on to your account and click on the "Classes" button. From there you can begin the contract process. T

3. Once you have completed your contract via our electronic process, it is automatically applied to your account. 

4. You can now start your course. Your course is divided into 20 Modules; each Module contains different Topics, or sub-categories that will focus on specific information pertaining to the theme of the Module.

5. When you have actively started this class you are eligible for your Certificate of Enrollment. We will email that on the following Wednesday. You legally need to have this Certificate of Enrollment to start your 6 hours of behind the wheel training with a licensed instructor. The school should require this certificate to begin driving with any student. 

6. After you complete all 20 Modules and pass all of the Module Exams, you will be able to take the Final Exam. If you fail the Final Exam, you will have two additional attempts to pass it. You must pass the Final Exam with a score of at least 80% to earn your Certificate of Completion from All Star Driver Education. 

7. The All Star Certificate of Completion verifies that the student has completed the state required 30 hours of instruction for driver education. These are also emailed out the following Wednesday after completion. 

8. Both your Certificate of Enrollment and Completion will be emailed to the email address you entered in your account information. 


We are excited to bring this opportunity to fit your busy schedule. Start your 100% online Teen Driver Education now!

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Module 1: Becoming a Licensed Driver in Indiana
Module 2: Basic Vehicle Operating Procedures
Module 3: Natural Laws of Driving
Module 4: Visibility, Time and Space
Module 5: Intersections
Module 6: Different Roadway Driving Environments
Module 7: Roadway Communications
Module 8: Physical and Psychological Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
Module 9: Legal, Health and Economical Impact of Alcohol and Drugs
Module 10: State of Mind and Aggressive Driving
Module 11: Fatigue and other Health Conditions
Module 12: Distracted Driving
Module 13: Handling Changes in Driving Environment
Module 14: Speed Laws and Other Motor Vehicle Laws
Module 15: Avoiding a Collision
Module 16: Other Roadway Users
Module 17: Social Responsibility and Driving
Module 18: Maintaining Your Vehicle
Module 19: Purchasing a Vehicle and Vehicle Insurance
Module 20: Get Ready to Drive!

Indiana Teen Driver's Ed Exam

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