Class Description

Minimum Age: 15 years / 5 months Student birthday must be prior to 27 December, 2003

Max Age: 18 years Student birthday must be after 27 May, 2001

This Columbus Area Teen Online and Behind the Wheel Course fulfills the state of Ohio BMV's requirement for 24 hours of classroom instruction for teen driver's education, as well as the 8 hours of driving with a licensed instructor.  

This program is like no other, as we have created a fun and unique curriculum to take the dull out of Driver Education. Throughout our course, we use videos, pictures, graphs, and quizzes to keep students engaged and ensure they absorb the important information.

All Star Driver Education is a leader in Driver Education. Family owned by three generations of educators has been offering fun and innovative online programs for over 15 years.


If you're younger than 18 years old, you'll need to complete this driver education course to obtain a probationary ohio driver's license. You can enroll in this course when you are 15 years and 5 months old. You'll be able to apply for your ohio learner's permit once you turn 15 years and 6 months old. 

How to Get Started

1. Click on the Register Now button and complete the form. You will be taken to the payment screen to process. 

2. Log on to your account and click on the "Classes" button. From there you can begin the verification and contract process. The Parent Verification can be completed online, or we have a form that you can fill out and get notarized. If you are unable to pass the online verification you will need to submit a Parent Verification form; which must be legally notarized.

3. Once you have completed your parent verification (*if you were unable to pass the online verification), please email them to us at, or you can fax them to us at (734) 665-7680.

4. You can now start your course. Your course is divided into nine Modules; each Module contains different Topics, or sub-categories that will focus on specific information pertaining to the theme of the Module.

5. When you have completed two hours of instruction in this class we will issue you a Certificate of Enrollment, and keep it here in the office. You will receive an email, and can then call in to the office to request drive times. 

6. After you complete all nine Modules and pass all of the Module Exams, you will be able to take the Final Exam. If you fail the Final Exam, you will have two additional attempts to pass it. You must pass the Final Exam with a score of at least 75% to earn your Certificate of Completion from All Star Driver Education. 

7. The All Star Certificate of Completion verifies that the student has completed the state required in-class instruction for driver education. We will also keep this in the office for our records. 

8. Once you have completed the drives with the instructor and we have received all the paperwork from the instructor, we will issue your Final Completion Certificate. That certificate will be mailed to the address on your account. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your certificate to arrive


We are excited to bring this opportunity to fit your busy schedule. Start your online Teen Driver Education now!

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Module 1: The System and You
Module 2: Vehicle Familiarization
Module 3: Basic Control Tasks
Module 4: Traffic Control Devices and Laws
Module 5: Perception and Driving Strategies
Module 6: Natural Laws Affecting Vehicle and Operator Performance
Module 7: Handling Vehicle/Driver Emergencies
Module 8: Conditions, State of Mind and Taking Care of a Vehicle
Module 9: Distracted Driving, Alcohol and Drugs and Anatomical Gifts

Columbus area Online and BTW Exam October 2018 v2

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