Class Description

Minimum Age: 18 years Student birthday must be prior to 22 July, 2000

Regardless if you are an experienced or new to driving, this course will provide you with basic information and rules of the road for any state. There is NO CERTIFICATE GIVEN for this course, it is for learning/practice purposes only. We offer this course in order to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to get behind the wheel of a car.

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Module 1: The System and You
Module 2: Vehicle Familiarization
Module 3: Basic Control Tasks
Module 4: Traffic Control Devices and Laws
Module 5: Perception and Driving Strategies
Module 6: Natural Laws Affecting Vehicle and Operator Performance
Module 7: Handling Vehicle/Driver Emergencies
Module 8: Conditions, State of Mind and Taking Care of a Vehicle
Module 9: Distracted Driving, Alcohol and Drugs and Anatomical Gifts

All States Driver Education Module Exam

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